How To Be Fishers Of Men

How To Be Fishers Of Men
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How To Be Fishers Of Men. Be thou sure of that. Thou must, thou shalt succeed.

How To Be Fishers Of Men

Children will learn that jesus called ordinary men to be his disciples and do his work. The men were unable to catch any fish until jesus came and they listened to him. Fishing would be easy if we could put a basket by the water and have the fish jump into them!

Do But Shine, And Some Eye Or Other Will Be Lightened Thereby.

Follow me, and i will make you fishers of men. Like peter, james, and john. Their ministry, like their fishing trip, will be completely dependent on jesus’ will.

From Now On You'll Be Fishing For People! (5:10).

Today, jesus is saying those same words to you and me: You do not need to be from a specific culture, class, or educational background. One who fishes in the sea must go and throw in the net, as it were, at an uncertain possibility.

“I Will Make You Fishers Of Men.” You Have Been Fishers Of Fish:

And they straightway left their nets, and followed him (matt. I will make you fishers of men, fishers of men, fishers of men. This is an amazing blessing and privilege that we have from god.

Here Are 4 Ways You Can Be Fishers Of Men:

“as jesus walked beside the sea of galilee, he saw simon and his brother andrew casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. Fishing is an act of faith. 'i will make you become fishers of men.' 'fishers of men' is a title that many christians awkwardly attach to themselves.

H Ow Can We Become “Fishers Of Men?” The Bible Tells Us How.

But we can also spread the love of jesus and “catch” other people to be part of god’s family! As he commenced his preaching ministry, jesus called them to follow him and told them that in doing so they were to become fishers of men. Two brother fishermen, simon called peter and andrew, were casting a net into the sea of galilee.

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